About Us

With the collaboration by the industrial ship designing institute and and thanks to the inspiration from the local Marine Registration Authority and Certified, the Halong Silversea Cruise bay has been official launched in November 2015 and day by day, it becomes a reliable partner for all guests on Halong bay cruise trip.

On behalf of the official booking office of Silver Sea cruise in Hanoi city, we clearly understand that the most important thing for a cruise trip is the security of guest and with that spirit and this cruise was made to meet seafaring standards. We are proud to say that all material used to construct this cruise have been certified by the Vietnamese Marine Authorities. Thanks to the professional marine safety equipment such as VHF radio, GPS plotting, two-way radios, water ingress alarm system, anti-sinking pump system, fire alarm system and fire extinguishers, so your safety is always guaranteed.

Halong Silversea Cruise with 18 spacious private cabins, well-equipped with bathroom and luxury amenities, not exaggeration but this cruise must a perfect choice for your Halong bay cruise trip.


Why Us?

  • Silversea Cruise beyond your expectations
  • You truly experience on the cruise with the real concept 4-star
  • Just bring your luggage and passport and leave your worries behind
  • Luxury cruise at the competitive price cost
  • Simple tour itinerary, just for a relaxing trip, more private time to expose yourself to nature
  • If you are looking for excellent service, warmly welcome to Halong Silversea Cruise
  • If you are looking for “A home away from home”, warmly welcome to Silversea
  • If you are looking for “safety” in Halong bay, warmly welcome to Silversea Cruise Halong




The cruise program covers most of beautiful sites in Halong bay and your cruise trip must become unforgettable moment when seating on the sundeck, having a cocktail and enjoying your relaxing time on the deck if you don’t want to miss exceptional scenery every moment the cruise passing by. From here, it is easy to capture legendary beauty of the picturesque bay with islands, water, and sky.



The fine dining restaurant accommodating up to 40 guests.

A huge and fine dining restaurant at the first glance brings impression of luxury for all the guests reaching the spacious terrace deck. All the windows were designed with big size with an aim for our beloved customers enjoying the stunning scenery of the bay. Through the windows while savoring lovely food or simply relaxing with a drink.