Daily life in Halong bay floating fishing village

Could you imagine a life on emerald water land? Do you know that no matter it will be summer or winter, the fisherman and all residents in here has a very early sunrise. Of course, all things and all people have to work for living and for family but the life here with array of difficulties and one project for replacement of fishing villages on Halong Bay will be done from this year in several years. These simple pictures will probably no longer be available anymore…

cua van-3

One the way coming to floating school


Feed the dog to protect family poverty 


All children have to learn the way to survive on the water. Even they are very small, they know how to row the boat and how to swim.

A number of young people in Cua Van fishing village started the morning with the boats taking tourists to explore the fishing village. They are the most lucky people with the high paid job though not stable.

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