A Halong bay cruise trip – A “must do” thing in your lifetime

According to a prestigious US online magazine – Hufington Post, Halong bay cruise trip is noted among 21 attractive experiences that we should you in life. It also means that, enjoying cruising though Halong bay is the best way to admire the picturesque beauty of natural heritage site.

This beautiful bay must be appeared on travel destination list for the greatest natural scenery in Asia,  become  a must on any trip to Vietnam, it emphasized.

In fact, in the previous time. this online magazine has cited Halong bay among the world’s dramatic coastlines. “Vietnam’s Ha Long bay is a UNESCO-recognized wonderland of over 3,000 whimsically-shaped islands jutting sharply out of the tranquil green waters. Aside from sheer visual splendor, Ha Long Bay is also home to countless caves, many offering privileged views of the surrounding islands, and a wide variety of endemic wildlife”, the US magazine talked about this attractive destination.

Halong Bay has also been ranked 26 out of the world’s 100 attractive tips by the US tourism magazine Business Insider. The magazine said that the best way to see Ha Long Bay is on a cruise trip, and one can spend one or two nights on a boat to fully appreciate the beauty of the bay.

Source: Internet