Preserve Halong bay’s Beauty

Halong bay is very popularized and it is the charming destination to attracts a huge international guest number to Vietnam. Travelling to Halong bay to see Places Of Interests, with sightseeing, kayaking, cruising, cave exploring, shopping… brings to the guest an unforgettable trip in the life time. The same time, while exploring the nature beauty of Halong bay, it is necessary to raise the awareness on protecting this Unesco World Heritage Site. Nothing is permanent and Halong bay’s beauty is not timeless.

Following things are some fundamental element we would like to suggest to preserve Halong bay’s Beauty.

Firstly, we should to be a smart traveler, it means that we should pay attention on the “black market” in Halong bay area. There are hundreds of  items are unusual relics from the area or coral fragment, unusual shells… those may have been removed from protected area and it is illegally.

Secondly, please “Look, Don’t Touch”
Of course, visiting to Halong bay and caves, you are free to admire and take the photo but please remember that rock formation in the bay is the subject to erosion and any vandalism brings a dramatic result and can not be restored for hundreds of years.

As the coastal home to numerous forms of fish, crustaceans, and mollusks, as well as the tropical environment for an entire ecosystem, there are literally thousands of species that depend on Halong Bay. Some of these plants and animals are particularly rare and unique to the area. While traveling this beautiful tropical paradise, be sure help to keep the bay beautiful for all of the future generations to enjoy.

SOURCE: Internet