Thien Cung (Heaven Palace Cave) discovery

Heaven Palace Cave is listed as one of the most wonderful cave in Halong bay. This cave is located on the south-west side of Halong bay, just around 3 km far from the harbor outside of Halong City. However, to reach to this cave, it is a bit hard, covered both sides by thick forest. When going inside by a small entrance, a very magnificent cave of 130 km long girth will open up. Getting in we are more astonished in front of the very animated and splendid beauty which is made from stalactite.

In fact, the origin of the cave have a strict relating with a legend of King Dragon. Accordingly, a very beautiful lady Mây (it means “Cloud”) and Dragon Price did fall in love with each others. They were engaged and had a wedding in the cave. All the scenes of their wedding, which lasted for seven days and seven nights, have been seemingly fos­silized in the cave.

The description for this cave could be: On the east wall, it is an amazing picture including all characters of this legend. In the middle of the cave, there are 4 huge pillars connecting the roof of heaven. On the fan of the cave, it exist many special images like birds , fish, flowers or daily life of human. On the northern area, there a some fairies seem to be singing and dancing for the marriage. Under the immeasurably high roof, stalactites form a natural stone curtain. And the wind blowing through the stone produces the sound of a beating drum.

In the last chamber of the cave babbles a natural gushing stream of water and there are three small ponds of clear water. One path meanders out of the grotto. Going out of Heaven Palace Cave, we have a sensation of just watching a unique, meticulous, interesting fine-art museum which is made by nature, get out of the imagine, ability and intellect of man.

Actually, Halong bay Silver Sea  Cruise is really proud of providing the tour itinerary that allows the guests to visit this cave. We offers a chance to all guests to join us to visit a very natural and beautiful cave attached with a nice legend.

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