When should you visit Halong bay

Vietnam is a tropical country and in Northern Vietnam, it exists four main divergent seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. While summer in Halong bay is characterized with hot, humid, the winter is very cold and dry. Of course, to visit Halong bay, it depends on your free time and your schedule and it is okay to visit this beautiful bay year arround. However, it is believed that the best time of year to do a Halong bay travel is Spring (on March and April) and Autumn (September and October).

From December to February, those are winter months and it get colder with low visibility, the temperature could be between 12ºC to 18ºC. In fac, although staying in a very cold country with snow but there are many foreigner feel uncomfortable and are scared with the cold weather in Vietnam, it seems different from the European countries. Paradoxically, this is high tourism season in Vietnam.

Summer is featured with sunny and hot, ideal for swimming under blue sky, however, unexpected storms are more likely to happen (especially in July, August), which could cancel your cruse trip. And you can find summer promotion rates for all cruises during this time.

Source: Internet